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Armed with Confidence

Canopi is your best Kept fashion secret

Canopi Secret sleeves. Flattering, seamless and refreshing.   Key Fashion that works both day and night.

Canopi Secret Sleeves is a fashion accessory you really can wear with any sleeveless garment or dress. When you wear Canopi Secret Sleeves under your sleeveless dress, the outfit evolves into a full sleeved statement giving you the air of fashionista. 

Designer Sandra Walsh has created a key fashion piece to take advantage of sleeveless garments for any occasion.
Using micro lace, gentle fibers and decorative elements Canopi Secret Sleeves soften and romanticize the overall look of the garment creating a new look within minutes.

Canopi uses a breathable elegant fabric that will glide over your arms seamlessly, giving you the confidence to buy that sleeveless dress. Canopi Secret Sleeves are the wardrobe statement item that will transform your wardrobe from day wear to evening wear.

How Does Canopi Work?

Canopi Secret Sleeves is a comfortable one piece seamless garment worn under any sleeveless dress or garment adding sleeves to any outfit.

Canopi is a seamless way of adding arm cover to a sleeveless garment, instantly transforming the look of your outfit. Canopi acts as covers for the arms; it is produced as a one piece which clips on to the bra straps for added security. So it’s time to take out those sleeveless dresses and give them a new life.



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