Armed with confidence !!

Style tips from a stylist are all about you as the person who has an innate sense of style, but just needs someone to confirm what your thoughts are on how  you wish to present yourself.

Styling is all about grooming and maximising on your strengths.


I am going to give a few style tips on covering your arms.


As you know there a wonderful products on the market today to cover your arms and whether that is for an aesthetic reason, a practical reason that you can not wear sleeveless in your place of work, whether it is for physical reasons to cover tattoos or scar tissue from accidents or for skin conditions, e.g. psoriasis , impetigo , urticaria etc, Canopi is one simple solution , seamless, worn under the sleeveless garment, clips on to the bras straps and arms you with confidence.


Bingo wings are just a natural part of ageing and I used to wonder where the term came from and of course it was when the lady in the Bingo hall shouted CHECK that her upper arms started to wobble.


Its not a lovely term but it is very imaginable one, particularly if you don't play Bingo.


The halls must have been filled with Bingo wings , can you imagine the sight ? , hilarious but very real . The elasticity goes in the upper arm and no matter what ladies try to do to prevent it bar complete reconstruction surgically , it is part of ageing.


I think we should embrace the process , do the best we can to look great and source the Canopi to cover up , Canopi sleeves. .


An elegant Pashmina is always a lovely way to cover your upper arms, and I always suggest that a pashmina colour is chosen on the dominant colour in the dress ,NOT the minority colour.


It appears completed when you wear a lovely Blush pink pashmina  with a floral dress, where the base of the dress is blush pink.

. one neutral pashmina in your wardrobe can be worn with nearly all outfits , keeps you warm on the plane and gives you a very polished and  finished look .


Cap sleeved tops are  very flattering , preferably with a scalloped edge , this accentuates the upper arm and draws away form the flabby muscles.








Styling is all about you feeling great , and reaching your style potential .


In a photo , hold you arm out from your body , this will diminish the size of your arm , and is much more flattering ,


Put your hand on your hip creating a small space between your body and your arm. it halves the size of your body , rather than looking like a block.


Cover up in the sun with a Canopi top with UPF 50 , be Sun smart,


Dress shabbily and people remember the dress, Dress impeccably and people the woman", Coco Chanel .



We as women always want to make a great impression , follow my Blog and you will always be stylishly remembered


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