Camino walk different sort of Canopi

Today 23rd June 2019 my husband and I set out on our 1st ever walking adventure on the Camino way A little daunting at first , as we are an unaccompanied pair and not great at the voyage of discovery and asking questions , particularly when you don’t speak Spanish . We started in a sweet little town called Arzua , Northern Spain and walked 24 km to Amenal , meeting very friendly people along the way, and a few cyclists. Everyone greets with Buen Camino , that can be heard all through the forests that we were walking through . It’s a contemplative journey , we did chat a lot to each other but had some times of complete silence. We were walking through a forest with a different sort of Canopy.  A canopy of trees and it made me think how in life we discover all covers against the elements. We had the canopy of beautiful trees protecting us from the harmful sun rays and some droplets of rain.  

I just wanted to let you know that this is an experience and through all our lives it’s great to do different things , to be pushed out of your comfort zone, to reassess what you are at, and to never be afraid to listen to people, and to act on your gut.  

I will let you know how tomorrow goes, but I’m exhausted now and Barry had the cop on to bring Epsom salts so I had a little warm bath and off to sleep now .  

Happy dreaming to you all and may all your dreams come true . 


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