We're back and Introducing Cece and Camelia!

Now that we’re moving into the spring months but haven’t the temperatures to match you don’t have to worry as Canopi has you covered (literally). There’s no more need to fret over what you’re going to wear in the morning because you can wear those sleeveless tops and dresses with Canopi sleeves.

As much as we all love our jumpers there comes a time when you want to dust off that lovely Spring top or dress, though you always run into the same issue—they’re sleeveless.  Canopi sleeves allows you to wear those sleeveless tops and dresses and stay warm! But the true magic is that it gives you the arm cover and confidence that we all desire. What more could you ask for?

Still not sold yet? Canopi sleeves come in an array of styles and cuts to match your lifestyle, and those tops and dresses. Our newest additions, Cece and Camelia come in both black and white and couldn’t be any different from one another. Cece has a collar and cuffs, and can be worn under tops, jumpers, and dresses to give the effect of a shirt without all the pulling and tugging. It’s perfect for the office or any day in fact you feel the need to smarten up an outfit. Unlike Cece, Camelia serves as cover from where you top ends to your upper thighs, allowing you to wear those shorter-hemmed tops and be confident. Or Camelia can give an added detail to your look that it might have been missing before.

So there’s no doubt that we have one perfect for you and your needs.

Cece will be available online and in-store from the end of March.