Imagination & Creativity , we've all got it , let it out !!!

I am having a wonderful weekend transforming the house and my wardrobe. Gosh it is cathartic to get rid of excess STUFF in the house and then to go shopping in your own house and literally transform a room or transform your wardrobe by adding something or subtracting something. 

i just changed the position of our couch in the kitchen from one side to the other and suddenly I am sitting for long periods on the most confortable couch in the house , really enjoying the activity around the kitchen and being able to see everything.  

I changed the cushions from one room to another and added a different colour flower and the room looks ALIVE ,  

I am trying to workout what to wear to ladies day @ RDS and I have come up with a lovely outfit , all in my wardrobe , a cream long skirt , cream sleeveless top and cream  Canopi sleeves, Victoria , moss green hat  with cream flowers , but best of all , they were all in my wardrobe , I just put a different eye out . It's amazing what we have and by yet adding that extra small detail, it transforms your kitchen , or your living room or your wardrobe, so I challenge you all to think outside the box ! Go on you can do it. 

This picture is something I created this morning , the flower had fallen off the orchid plant , I just got a small sprig of ivy from the garden , an ordinary glass dish abdcwater, hey presto, summer centrepiece for the table ! Enjoy m let your creative juices flow !! I do 

Canopi Fashion