London what a trip !!!


I just have to share the most wonderful experience that I had today in London.

I started  off very early , dropped to the airports by my ever loving enduring husband, as he just never knows what the next request will be , but it was much appreciated.

Ryanair delayed us by one hour but rather than getting antsy , I just rested my head and I am lucky I can sleep anywhere . Anyway arrived in Victoria Station , (good omen as that's my daughters name , hence Canopi Victoria ) and then got to Bond Street to Fenwick , met by the lovely Sue ! Oh she could not have been nicer , got a lovely order and then went to meet the gorgeous staff,  Mia being of Indian descent immediately pounced on Canopi for under her SARI .

Loved the ambience in Fenwick , in behind the store in the buying offices, old worldie, enchanting , full of nooks and crannies, really welcoming and so tidy . Met with VEE and META  great fun , they wanted to see Dragons Den and were so complimentary . Then ,next appointment was with Frankie from Harvey Nicks, I was afforded the Shaftesbury ave EI offices, omg , so nice , met by Christine , beautiful Scottish lady , who could not have been nicer and so informative .

My new offices in London are 151 Shaftersbury Ave , I mean how posh .

Frankie came to meet me and she is delightful , they will continue with Canopi for HN Dundrum and she will show Canopi to the other stores . Onwards and upwards

Then ! Onto Shoreditch House to meet Angela Scanlon , what a fab gal , what an uber cool place , I just felt so belonging , you know the way I talk about home , well I just loved it , so hip .

We had a great laugh and great chats and watch this space , loads to be uncovered ,

Gatwick was a bit of a nightmare but eventually I dug deep and bought another  ticket home ( I missed my flight , chatting too long with Angela ) now sitting on the plane with new orders , new relationships beginning and new lease of life .

So my message is keep going , look on the bright side and I know it's all about " who you know " but actually it's about "Who Knows You? "


Happy birthday Queen  Elizabeth




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