Ask and you shall receive

IAt the moment I am learning loads from ladies all over the country on my little road trip with Canopi sleeves , and indeed meeting fantastic women everywhere I go . The most important thing that I am encountering is that we all wish each other well and that the bitchiness is gone out of female business scenarios.
This may be something to do with my age (all of 51 ) but it really is happening and women are incredibly supportive of each other .
Yesterday I was in Galway in Treasure Chest a 50 year old fantastic business with Mary Bennett and the atmosphere in the store was so warm and fun.
All the ladies I met  had something lovely to say to each other , @Hildagard Naughton ( newly elected politician ) thrilled with finding Canopi for the Dail , crisis of sleeveless dresses averted , really positive lady , and it dawned on me that Ireland is the best  place to start a new business as you can literally meet whoever you need to , because some woman always knows someone, and all you  have to do is , ASK  . It is like that in business , generosity breeds true spirit , openness breeds contentment , and giving is the best feeling. To have Fun in what you are doing is vital .  The Galway food company Claire , fellow pitcher on Dragons den also joined me , it was fantastic and she is enjoying all the superb  compliments and business since dragons den !@Mairin O Reilly  from MOR Pr has the ability to knit all these women together and again generous beyond the call of duty. Jill from 56 Central  treated me to lunch , how fab ! Probably the coolest restaurant I have ever  been in . Women in business are fantastic, we just need to know it .
Have a great week , no matter what you are doing , smile and give and don't forget to ask for the business !! Ask and you shall receive !


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