Under Dress Sleeves – Achieving The Casual Look

Women are chameleonic!  Yes, each woman has her own style, but within her own style each woman has a wide variety of looks to match different occasions, time of day, or even mood.  Changing our hair color, our nails, or choosing to opt for the natural look instead of the dramatic smokey eye are only a few of the many little things that we do to mix it up a little.  

However, when it comes to wardrobe it is sometimes hard to change it up.  Nobody wants to be an outfit repeater, but let’s face it, we can’t buy an outfit for every single day of the year!  So, how can we continue to be our chameleonic selves without having to become a millionaire?  Adding Canopi’s under dress sleeves is an easy way to do this!

The Casual-Out-With-Friends Look

Whether it’s the movies or shopping with your girls, you are well aware that it’s the perfect occasion to rock your street style or the simple casual look.  We all love it because it’s the freedom look! It is the look that you can go wild with and wear those chic heels or stylish flats.   You can wear the boyfriend jeans, the skirt, the jumpsuit, the hat, the sunglasses, the shorts…the list is endless!  

With under dress sleeves you can upgrade your blouse, adjust to the chilly weather, or simply make another top out of that top that your friends have seen you wear millions of times. 

These are three casual looks that can be achieved with the Canopi Sleeves Coco under dress sleeves.  The thing that we are loving about these three looks is their laid-back simplicity and the fact that they are all completely monochromatic, which makes accessorizing a little adventure!  You can have fun spicing up the look with pops of color, like the bloggers Jess and Stef did with neon clutches, by incorporating jewelry, or by simply adding a colorful lip.  The options are infinite!  

So get the look that fits your chameleonic self with Canopi Sleeves Coco and visit our website to see our variety of colors and fabrics!


Jared Huet