Lace Arm Sleeves – The History of Lace

When we think about lace we are instantly taken into the pages of a Jane Austen or Charlotte Brontë novel. Others may be taken to the wedding scene where the bride is embraced from head to toe with the intricate details so characteristic of the finely elaborated fabric.

Whether it is one or the other, it is safe to say that lace was once and still is a symbol of elegance. Today, the detailed fabric is used not only in the lace arm sleeves of Haute Couture dresses, but also in ready to wear, affordable apparel. This elegant trend was not always as accessible as it is today; actually, it was not accessible at all.

Let’s take a trip back in history to those days when lace was the epitome of exclusivity and lace arm sleeves would be more than luxurious!

The History of Lace

Lace was born from the desire to get away from the harsh simplicity of the times and was used to elaborate the plain edges of fabrics. It was a lavish escape from the mundane, an insignia of rank and station.

Although many countries such as Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, and Germany have claimed to be the birthplace of lace, it is impossible to attribute the discovery of the art to any one nation. However, something that we do know for sure is that its earliest forms were not what we know as lace today. Lace was actually cutwork made by nuns in Southern Europe. It was used for altar decorations and the robes of bishops or other high ecclesiastical dignitaries.
The fine artwork reached its pinnacle in the renaissance. Before, lace making was passed on from nuns to pupils at convents and from them to the peasantry. With the simultaneous bloom of the printing press, the artistry of lace was made more accessible and the methods were spread widely.

Today we can see the fine artwork in the lace arm sleeves of a Marchesa or Umit Kutluk Haute Couture dress, as well as in ready to wear garments. For such reason the lace trend is at its highest peak today. It is a way of adding that classic, vintage elegance to your look.
Canopi’s lace arm sleeves are the elegant option for those who fancy a little coverage with a glimpse of skin. Lace arm sleeves are the ultimate must-have of every sophisticated lady’s wardrobe. Catch up with the trend and lace your outfit with a little elegance!


Jared Huet