Home is where the heart is !



Home is where the Heart is 💕 and you can make home anywhere you plant you little butt, even if it's not so little. I tend to call everywhere home and I believe it is because I now only stay where I am comfortable and work with people I really am comfortable with , I love to belong and admire my surroundings and the people I am spending time with , and that to me feels like Home . Last week I went to Tipperary where I grew up and  I loved being on Tipp FM , I felt proud to have come from a great Home in Tipperary and they are proud of me, as a girl doing well. I felt at Home. I speak about fashion and your wardrobe , but really I know about how to make you feel comfortable in how you look and present and how good you can be when you feel at Home with yourself. I know that when I am feeling confident and at Home with myself, I exude fun and positivity. My eyes become really blue, and I am calm , I practice Havening , a new technique(, Google Paul McKenna on YouTube, I love it , ) no matter what I wear that day , I feel great . .I have a round tummy and I would love it to go, but I have to do something about that , so I dress around it , and I dress for my Decollage and my legs. At the moment , I am loving the loafer skimmer cigarette trousers, low wedge loafer , a little bit of tanorganic on the feet and the chest , a  tummy  cover , ( but not wide ) top , a neck scarf , and lovely lipstick , This makes me feel very contemporary and very much at home with myself . 

So be happy and  embrace the day and absorb any sunlight that appears in the sky . Have a lovely day


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